Write! Shoot! Edit!

WRITE! SHOOT! EDIT! - by Deborah Patz

A Complete Guide for Teen Filmmakers

Write! Shoot! Edit! is a unique book, written specifically for teens, that lets you to learn filmmaking the way you want to: as a Writer, Director/DOP or Editor. The three paths intertwine, jump forward and back up, depending which one you choose. Deb Patz, film industry pro since the 80s and author, is your mentor in making “first films” – a new concept in scripted movies between home movies and shorts intended for public distribution, where you can experiment and discover your visual storytelling voice.


What people are saying about "Write! Shoot! Edit!"

“A fun and super-practical guide for young filmmakers!”
– Sharon McGowan, associate professor, UBC Film Production Program

“An engaging book for teens, and a wealth of information about movie making for all ages, now on our school must-read list for students and staff.”
– Trevor Kolkea, principal, École Moody Middle School of the Arts

“A great tool! I wish I had it when I started my first film!”
– Eileen Hoeter, chair, Women in Film and Television International

“A thorough, dynamic and inspiring guide for young filmmakers written in the voice of a mentor who challenges but never underestimates her audience. It could be life-changing in the hands of a motivated teenager working on their own, and it’s ideal as a text for high school media courses.”
– Bruce Sheridan, professor and chair, Cinema, Artt and Science, Columbia College Chicago

Write Shoot Edit book by Deb Patz

Publisher: MWP Books
Available in: Paperback, eBook
ISBN-10: 161593264X
ISBN-13: 978-1615932641
Published: July 2017

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Reviews & Interviews

Book Review: Vancouver Sun and other papers across Canada, including the Montreal Gazette,  The Provincethe Ottawa Citizenthe Saskatoon Star Phoenixthe Windsor Starthe Edmonton Journalthe Calgary Herald and on Canada.comand News Locker

Book Review: SF Crowsnest (everything that’s good for geeks & nice for nerds)

Deb Patz interviewed on Dave Says Movies Matter (May 2017)

Deb Patz interviewed on Rolling Tape with Forris Day (July 2017)

More accolades for "Write! Shoot! Edit!"

“You want to start making movies? You need this book! Write! Shoot! Edit! distills the complex process into doable bites and provides a lot of fun along the way.”
– Alex Raffe, vice-president production, Thunderbird Entertainment

“Deborah Patz has written the book I wish I’d been handed as a young person; brilliant, funny and a very accurate introduction to all the mysteries of storytelling for the screen. I plan to revisit this one often!”
– Karen Walton, Screenwriter, Ginger Snaps

“Three cheers for Write! Shoot! Edit! Better than a text book, this is a remarkable toolkit for any fledgling filmmaker but teenagers in particular. Brilliantly engaging, encouraging and entertaining, it provides the how-to with professional know-how. Chapeau!
– Cheryl Wagner, creator of The Big Comfy Couch; executive director of The Charlottetown Film Festival

“A helpful and detailed yet easy-to-read and understand guide for aspiring filmmakers — with a focus on teens. Using language younger creative minds can understand and engage with, Patz is ensuring the next generation of emerging screen-based artists is armed with the keys to success in the industry.”
– Kim Hsu Guise, director of content, Local and Original Programming, TELUS

SCENE ONE, TAKE ONE - by Deborah Patz

How To Write, Shoot and Edit a Film (Russian Edition)

Scene One, Take One is the first non-English version of Write! Shoot! Edit! (Сцена первая, дубль первый). It was published in 2020. Translation by Valeria Bashkirova.

WSE Book in Russian