1. …don’t cross the knives at craft service (but it’s ok to cross swords on the set)

2. …no cast or crew hugging or kissing in doorways

3. …and it’s a night shoot, don’t let cast or crew fall asleep with the moontlight shines on their face

4. …and your shooting on a boat, no opening of cans upsidedown

5. …and you have animals on the set, keep the black cat away today

6. …stay away from sets with mirrors so you don’t break any

7. …beware of spilled salt during lunch

8. …beware of spilling tea in saucers

9. …and it’s close to wrap, don’t gift any shoes to cast or crew today

10. …beware of cast or crew crossing on the set stairs

11. …no walking under the ladders of set construction

12. …have wardrobe make sure tissues in pockets are clean

13. …and you’re travelling the unit today, don’t call it the start of a trip

Any other hints to get through the day?

Cheers & a lucky shoot to you,