skiingLife is filled with “cross-over” learning! Here are 3 things that I believe overlap between filmmaking and skiing…

1. It’s Never the “Right” Snow
Yup… even when there is snow on the ground, ski hills have their snow makers working. It’s either not enough snow, or not enough powder, or not enough in the right place. Wow, that’s so like a film set! Next time you’re dressing the set with snow, you can rest assured that it’s quite normal… ski hills are grooming theirs!

2. It’s A Short Ride on the Lift Together
A handful of minutes on the ski lift and you’ll never know who you’ll meet, where they’re from, and what brought them to the love of skiing. Some folk are chatty, others prefer silence. Some don’t speak the same language as you… save for the language of skiing. It’s a short time you share together on that lift and, who knows, you may even meet again on the hill or at the base. So too on the crew of a film production… ’tis a short time you spend together, then move on to other productions and career choices. It’s worth getting to know the people around you.

3. A Range of Abilities Ski The Same Hill
Ski any slope – but perhaps on the green runs most of all – and you’ll find quite a range of skiing abilities among your fellow skiiers… yet you’re all on the same hill (just experiencing it from a different perspective). Some folk are expert, some have learned certain abilities but not yet others, some are brand new and barely under control. Newer skiiers take lessons and also learn from watching or interacting with more experienced skiiers, picking up tips here and there. Not dissimilar on a film set! There can easily be a wide range of skill levels among the crew: heads of departments working alongside trainees on the same set. Be nice, be helpful to folk of all levels because you’re bound to cross paths again – both on set or on the skis.

So… enjoy ski season, and learn a bit about filmmaking at the same time!

Cheers & a good shoot to you,