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Film Production Management 101 – Free Interactive Production Forms

As part of the update to my book, I’ve made the free, downloadable production forms into interactive documents. You can find them over at MWP Books (along with a lot of other great, downloadable resources):




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“Film Production Management 101:
Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

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The Free William F White Interactive Budget Planner

Wow, this is cool. When budgeting for film equipment, sure you can sift through a rate sheet and – with your trusty calculator – figure out an estimate of your camera, grip and lighting package… or you use Whites Interactive online budget planner:


Click, choose and change your selections. Pick or skip insurance options. Be prompted to remember to budget for the expendables. Then get an instant online estimate! Great for instant feedback during for after-hours budgeting sessions…


Cheers & happy budgeting to you!

Free Film Budget

What? Oh yes…

Thanks to Deke Simon (author of Film and Video Budgets – 5th Edition) and MWP Books, there is a free, downloadable budget you can use as a reference from the MWP site:


For a little more “free”, know that the MWP newsletter is super – not too often; just enough news. Between that and the MWP Facebook site (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/mwpfilmbooks) where you’ll get a lot more news and as-it-happens updates… you’ll often see a free book giveaway.

Come & join! Enjoy the great and useful industry freebee!

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Coming this summer… Film Production Management 101 – 2nd Edition

I’m working on the copy edit of the new edition now and have now seen the artwork for the new cover… oh boy! It’s getting exciting as launch day approaches. The book will be available this summer and I will keep you updated.

…and no doubt I’ll have some type of virtual celebration on Facebook for the new edition, so join up at: www.facebook.com/DebPatzBooks!

As for the other balls I’ve been juggling, I’ve also just updated my debpatz.com website and its film & TV links resource links pages for PM’s and PC’s. Come by, use them!

for Production Managers & Production Coordinators

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You’ll find pages for the USA and the UK… and now for Canada too! Do let me know if you find them useful, and what other links you may wish.

Well… back to copyediting for me!