There’s something about stats… and Stephen Fellows manages to collect and examine a huge variety of data related tot the film industry on a weekly basis.

Take this one for example:

Sure, we expect action to have the most, and it’s probably no surprise that documentary has the least, but he goes on to look at shot length too – really diving in to specifics… and then ending with the “Michael Bay – What is Bayhem?” You Tube video – which is utterly fascinating for anyone who wants to learn how to craft movies and shots.

Surf by and have a look. Here are a couple of my other more recent favs:

Stephen Fellows’ Film Data Blog

  • Patterns among the most profitable movies (at various budget levels)
  • How many Cannes-nominated films get a theatrical release?
  • The numbers behind Netflix Original movies and TV shows
  • How much of the UK film economy comes from abroad?
  • How many editors does it take to edit a movie?

Which one(s) interest you?

Cheers and happy researching,

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