flwr-carI know, I know… TV shows debut on air in September, not in May. But coming from a production background, I always think of May as the real start of the TV season. Many television shows start production about now.

It also reminds me of my first TV job as a P.A.. After I was hired I found out that a deciding factor had been that I had mentioned “own a car” on my resume. Figure that! It wasn’t the only factor, but it was one of them.

I had included the mention of my car on my resume very reluctantly, and bowed to the insistence of another. I didn’t see how owning a car had anything to do with my skills and abilities, and isn’t that what a resume is all about? Of course that was a time before I started hiring P.A.s and when I found out that for an entry-level position my skills and abilities at the time were pretty inconsequential. It was more about my attitude first and foremost, and then later, on the job, I could prove my skills and abilities in action. For production at the time, my car would provide production with an easy extra vehicle to get the work done… my including it was (apparently) demonstrating my forethought about what production might need.

So, if you’re considering applying for that P.A. job on your first production, open your mind to what it means to anticipate the needs of production and then go ahead and tell them what you can offer. It just might make the difference for you to secure that first job.

All the best & a good shoot you,