Inspiration helps our minds to change track, and therefore our actions and outcomes. Negativity breeds on itself. Think negatively, and you’ll act negatively. Changing the mind’s track to a more optimistic way of thinking is tough… especially when it’s a whole crew – especially the key crew – trading negative thoughts.

You need a symbol of change.

The calendar itself has a numerous “new years” if you consider all religions, school starts, season starts and so on, but these dates may not be convenient to your situation. If they are, all the better. You can make a “new year” any day of the year… by using a symbol of change, like a candle, for example. What better way to “light the way”?

Gather the key crew for a meeting, discuss the power of thought, and design an informal type of ceremony around changing people’s thought patterns – basically choose a time and date that will be your “new year” and choose a symbol of change that will work for your crew. You could start with a black candle (of “negativity”), and from it, light a white candle (of “optimism”), and then together blow out the black candle. Then charge the key crew to spread the new optimism to the rest of the crew. You’ll be amazed how well it works.

Light the way!