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Inspiration at the Movies: Jeeves & Wooster – Kidnapped

“What are you cheering about, Barmy?”
“I finished MILES ahead of you fellows!”
– Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps (Jeeves & Wooster: Kidnapped, 1990)

The band members at the Drones Club are practising… sort of together – they’re all playing different parts of the song, and the cacaphony is eardrum-splitting. Barmy, finishing ahead of the rest of them, leaps up with his cheer like he’s won something. ‘Tis an hysterical moment.

And in this moment we are reminded that racing ahead to the “finish line” is not always the “right” way. Music needs team work, team pacing, team expression to be “right”… to resonate with musician and listener. Transferring this thought to our lives – as we are apt to review our lives, its direction and speed as the new year rolls in – do we need to “finish first” or do we need some “life pacing” to truly resonate with the world around us? Interesting question to mull…

Cheers & a good 2012 to you,

P.S. On that note of life pacing, I’ll be posting at least bi-weekly from now on… unless events or your encouragement inspire me otherwise. All the best for the new year!

Inspiration at the Movies: The Sound of Music

“Activity suggests a life filled with purpose.”
– Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music, 1965)

But even the good Captain is not convinced as he speaks these words to the Baroness. He only hopes there is purpose somewhere inside that busy activity of his.

May we be reminded not to fill our lives with activity hoping that purpose will follow or form itself, instead look for purpose which will then help us to determine the activity necessary in life.

Cheers & may you make the right discovery for you,

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Inspiration at the Movies: You’ve Got Mail

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”
– Kathleen Kelly (You’ve Got Mail, 1998)

It hurts that Kathleen is losing her business at this point in the film. She has such an important message to say. I believe her. Whatever we do – in whatever facet of our life – it ought to begin by being personal. We are people journeying life together. We are not numbers. We are not statistics. We are individuals. Find the people in our careers. Connect with them. We are a community. We are all people. We are all personal. Right-on, Kathleen. Good reminder!

Who did you connect with today?

Cheers & festive greetings to you,

Inspiration at the Movies: The Polar Express

“The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.”
– The Conductor (The Polar Express, 2004)

These words make me think about making decisions. Getting on – the choosing to act – is certainly a decision… an active decision. And yet not getting on – the choosing not to act – is also a decision… a more passive decision. How many passive decisions do we make in our career, really? The Conductor sagely reminds us that it’s all about getting onboard. Though you may not know exactly where you are going, or end up wher you originally planned to go, you’re bound to have an adventure and really live life if you make the choice actively.

Festive cheer to you & active production decisions,

Inspiration at the Movies: The Karate Kid (1984)

“Someone always know more.”
– Miyagi (The Karate Kid, 1985)

Miyagi gives us a good perspective… especially in this digital age where technology keeps changing – as soon as we learn a new system, the upgrade or new technology comes along. How can we keep up? Someone else is always bound to know more.

The hope here is that “someone” is not one person. There is no one person who knows “more” about everything. So let us relax and each of us learn the best we can, realizing our own potential. Then we can come together in a diverse and dynamic team to create something that’s bigger than all of us put together.

That would be pretty amazing, don’t you think?


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Inspiration at the Movies: Ratatouille

“Food will come, Remy. Food always comes to those who love to cook.”
– Gusteau (Ratatouille, 2007)

There are several quotations that I love in this movie, this is only one of them. Remy’s stomach is growling while Gusteau gives him this hope. It reminds me how a career in this industry alternates from true famine at times to veritable feast at other times. The famine can really humble you after a good feast. Gusteau here doesn’t talk about waiting, either. He reminds Remy that his talent and his passion for cooking will bring him through… and that is in his control. So… have hope. Shoots always comes to those who love to film.

Best wishes & a healthy shoot-feast to you!