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But Movies Aren’t Real, Are They?

Fiction movies? Of course not. Movies can’t be real. But…

TreadmillWhen you think about it, treadmills aren’t real either.

Treadmills simulate a walking experience for us in a climate controlled environment; they help to improve our physical fitness and overall sense of good health – that sense happening inside our heads, because a positive self-image contributes to our overall physical health too.

Now look again at movies (and VR, if you like). They take us on an emotional ride through simulation. We are entertained, emotionally-moved and often learn about ourselves and neighbours from the experience. That’s a lot of activity going on in our heads. You might even call it emotional fitness? Well, THAT’s certainly real and invaluable to our overall societal health!

So, here’s to you, working in the film, TV and VR industries! Thanks.

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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Deb Patz is the author of Write! Shoot! Edit! for teens and Film Production Management 101 for the industry – both books are published worldwide by MWP. She’s also part of the editorial board for Prism International. She knows the emotional exhaustion that comes from watching four movies back-to-back at TIFF on a single day.

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Guardians of the… Water?

Who drinks enough water every day? I know I don’t. I find it a serious challenge. So… what about a movie, like “Guardians of the Galaxy” to inspire hydration?

Watch the movie and every time Groot says “I am Groot” have a glurp of water! By the end of the movie, that’s excellent hydration. How many water slurps is it?! I lost count.

So, give it a try. Let the movie inspire you to good health.

What other movies and phrases you think might work as well?

Cheers & good hydration to you,

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Deb Patz is the author of “Film Production Management 101” and the upcoming “Write! Shoot! Edit! A Complete Guide to Filmmaking for Teens” both published by MWP Books. She’s loves a good cuppa tea, but that’s not exactly the same as glass of water, isn’t it?

WHERE IS DEB? (upcoming events and appearances)
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