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The True Rulers of Halloween… Listen For It!


With Halloween approaching, there are more fear and thrill movies out there for viewing. But what can you do when the movie is just too frightening for you? You could try flooding the room with light – fear of the dark is a common fear, isn’t it? Yes, but you’ll find that even a room filled with flat, florescent light doesn’t help. So, here’s what you do… turn off the sound. It really helps. Really.

…and then you’ll realize that the true rulers of Halloween are the wizards on the sound team.

Happy Halloween and a good shoot to you,

Memorable Film Industry Halloween Costume

Halloween is filled with witches, wizards, zombies and pirates. And, yes, you can spin any of those costumes into becoming film-related too. But this is the industry filled with imagination; we must be able to come up with something more unique…

One memorable year I attended an industry Halloween party as something indeed film-related: a blonde. A blonde, you ask? Yes. Me as a 2K studio light…including grip stand and complete with barn doors. If I ever find the picture again, I’ll have to share it with you.

What memorable Halloween costumes have you made or seen?

Happy industry hauntings to you!


Pumpkin Carving Contest On Set

With pumpkin season upon us, I remember a year I hosted a pumpkin carving contest on set. The parent company wanted to have multiple carved pumpkins for their (amazing and one-of-a-kind) halloween party, so we supplied the production with a collection of pumpkins, and we held a contest.

As host, I knew I wouldn’t have time to carve one myself, so I nabbed some black camera tape and decorated my oh-so-orange sweater with the face of a jack-o-lantern. I figured it would be good advertising, a obvious in-your-face reminder for the crew to find and carve a real pumpkin on set.

So, a  pumpkin carving zone was set up in craft service, and during the hurry-up-and-wait of set, all kinds of folk lent their hand and creativity to carving a slew of fantastic pumpkins: scary ones, comic ones, traditional ones. They were great!

The producer reluctantly accepted the job of judging the winner of the contest. A tough job, because in this creative industry you can imagine how imaginative and diverse the pumpkins were. How could he choose one winner?

So, he surprised us all… he judged me to be the winner with my homemade jack-o-lantern sweater! Nothing quite like being the “pumpkin of the set”…

Happy pumpkin carving!