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The Oscars are Coming, the Oscars are Coming!

Love movies, do ya? Well then ya gotta love the Oscars!

In prep for the Academy Awards on Sunday, are you seeking out and watching the nominated films? Well, how about some different kind of prep this year to add depth to your Oscar experience this year…


1. Read the Oscar-nominated screenplays. You can find all the links you need on Slate.com to read them for free:
Doing so, not only will you experience the noms in a whole new way, you’re bound to absorb a tip or two about how to write a better screenplay or story.


2. Attend the MWP Online Pre-Awards Bash at 2:30pm PST on Friday for predictions and excellent conversation about the Academy Awards. Great studying up for your Oscar Night ballot!


3. And – of course – host or attend an Oscar Watching Party on Sunday. Dress black tie or creative black tie (this is an artistic industry after all!), have plenty of nibblies, bubbly beverages (they don’t have to be alcoholic), and Oscar ballots. Perhaps even buy a strip or square of red carpet so you can strut your stuff on the red stuff yourself.
https://www.oscars.org/oscars // https://twitter.com/TheAcademy
Above all, have fun!

Cheers & a great awards show to you,

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Deborah (Deb) Patz is the author of Write! Shoot! Edit! for teens and Film Production Management 101 for the industry – both books are published worldwide by MWP. She’s also part of the editorial board for Prism International. She’s walked the red carpet at a few festivals, but not at the Oscars… yet. 🙂

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3… uh, 10 (& more) Reasons It’s A Great Time to be a Filmmaker

Does the new year have you needing inspiration from multiple sources (to help you with direction in the industry)? My publisher charged about 50 MWP authors to come up with 10 reasons it’s a great time to be a filmmaker and assembled them into an eBook.

Rather than pages and pages of lists, the eBook is like a living room full of about 50 diverse authors who all take the idea “10 reasons…” and speak from their POV on the subject. Some of the many interpretations are bound to reach you at whatever stage you are in your career. Check it out on the MWP website (where I believe it’s free when you sign up for the MWP newsletter). You can also find it on Kindle. A nice, inspiring new year’s gift to yourself.

Rather than a list myself, here are 3 of my most favourite nuggets from the eBook… Why it’s a great time to be a filmmaker:

1. “To transform our characters, our audience and ourselves” (from Stuart Voytilla, author of Myth and the Movies)

2. “You are a storyteller” (from Rona Edwards, co-author of The Complete Filmmakers’s Guide to Film Festivals)

3. And from MWP’s own VP, Ken Lee: “…push yourself in your areas of weakness rather than relying on your strengths and what you know you can do. You’ll learn more about yourself when you challenge yourself.”

What speaks to you in the eBook?

Cheers & an inspiring new year to you,


The Best of F.I.L.M. – The Early Days

In honour of my two year anniversary F.I.L.M. blogging, I thought I’d bring together older top posts – especially for those of you who may not have been here since the beginning:

  • F-un

Pumpkin Carving Contest on Set
I instigated the contest… to which there was a surprising winner!

  • I-nspiration

Inspiration at the Movies: Harold and Maude
You’ll never look at a field full of daisies the same way again… I know I don’t!

  • L-ife

3 Things I Learned About Filmmaking from… My Grandmother
(1) If you can’t do it, keep trying
(2) Make and eat dessert
(3) Always wear clean underwear
… and they really are relevant to a film career!

  • M-anagement

Free Film Budget
Nothing compares to getting a full budget template to refer to and learn from! Thanks, Deke.

And thanks to you for the great feedback I’ve received over the years! Here’s to more F-un, I-nspiration, L-ife and M-anagement to come!

Cheers & a great shoot to you,

– – – – – – – – – –

PM101 in TODo you know about Deb’s appearance in Toronto on May 27 and the “Toronto Area PM101 Facebook Challenge (for a free book)“? To learn more, click here: http://on.fb.me/hEdmNg

Toronto Area PM101 Facebook Challenge (for a free book)

PM101 in TOWhoa, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, it’s about time for another contest where I give away an autographed copy of my book, yes? OK! Here’s the plan:

This F.I.L.M. blog is also available on the “virtual porch” of Facebook. So, let’s build the online community there, but also let’s connect virtual life to real life! At the end of May, I’ll be in Toronto where I am planning a speaking/booksigning event (details are TBA).

Here’s my challenge to you:

If you’re already on Facebook, invite your friends – especially Toronto area film friends – to “like” my FB book page/blog. If you’re not on Facebook, come on over and join us by choosing the “like” button on my page at: http://www.facebook.com/DebPatzBooks

If... we gather a FB community there of over 200 by mid-May (when my trip starts), then I’ll give a free copy of my latest book “Film Production Management 101: Management & Coordination in a Digital Age” specially autographed to a random Toronto area FB fan at the “real porch” (the speaking event) in Toronto.

So, it’s now over to you! See you on Facebook… and then in Toronto!


How Do You Take Your Film Industry News?

You can pick up a copy of a trade mag in the store. You can have it mailed to you. You can access them on your mobile. You can subscribe to their newsletters. You can like them on Facebook. You can follow them on Twitter. The choices seem to go on and on. How do you access the film industry news? Do you even know the options available? Here’s a rundown on the majors for you.

Legend of current rates:
$ = less than $100
$$ = $101 to $200
$$$ = $201 & up
free = uh… you should know what this one means!
– = I couldn’t find the option for this trade mag

DELIVERY OPTION Variety Hollywood Reporter Screen Daily (UK)

Playback Online (Can.)

Email newsletter Free Newsltr Free Newsltr Free Newsltr Free Newsltr
RSS Free RSS Free RSS Free RSS Free RSS
Online full access $$ $$
Print (by mail) $
Print & online $$$ $$ – $$$ $$$
Facebook page Free FB page Free FB page FB friend Free FB page
Twitter Free Twitter Free Twitter Free Twitter Free Twitter
You Tube Free You Tube Free You Tube
Other(s) iPhone, Widget, WAP iPad

And to confuse things even more, the options change and evolve all the time. Companies are setting up “company pages” on LinkedIn now, for example (company pages are still in beta). And what was once free becomes a paid subscription… and then a few months or a year later it becomes free again, or free in a new format. Ahhh… the speedy evolution of modern delivery channels!

Festive cheers & happy reading – in whatever format(s) you prefer,