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Are You A Filmie? What Do You See…


You’re a Film Buff if you see a movie light and a coffee.

You’re a Film Buff Who’s Particular if you see a studio light and a Starbucks coffee.


You’re a True Filmie if you see two Blondes.

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Deborah (Deb) Patz is the author of Write! Shoot! Edit! for teens and Film Production Management 101 for the industry – both books are published worldwide by MWP. She’s also part of the editorial board for Prism International. She once dressed as a Blonde (studio light) for a Halloween party, but unfortunately lost the photographic proof.

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You Know You’re a Filmie When… Print-Through Moments

You know you’re a filmie when “they” call it déjà vu, but you call it a print-through moment!


For newbie-filmies, print-through is when a recorded sound on a reel-to-reel magnetic stock recorder (like a Nagra) is so loud that an echo of it is heard before and after the sound itself. When the tape wraps around the reel, the loud recorded sound touches and affects the magstock next pressed next to it.

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Deb Patz is the author of “Film Production Management 101” and the upcoming “Write! Shoot! Edit! A Complete Guide to Filmmaking for Teens” both published by MWP Books. She experienced no print-through moments while writing this post.

WHERE IS DEB? (upcoming events and appearances)
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Wordsearch – Deb’s Favourite Film Terms

There are some really great film terms out there! For a bit of fun, here’s a wordsearch of some of my fav’s…

Deb's Favourite Film Terms Wordsearch

…can you find the hidden words? Let me know if you do!

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