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Ink wisdom: “Pirate’s Passage”

pirsailsThink of pirates and your mind will no doubt go back to the Golden Age of pirates. An age so often romanticised in books and movies. Why don’t you first think about Sir Francis Drake? Or other explorers of the Caribbean? If it was government-sanctioned, was it not still piracy?

You gotta love a book that challenges your ideas on a topic… especially when the story is told as a modern day adventure story.

Author William Gilkerson gives us this new persepctive on pirates and on what is good and what is bad from the grizzled old Captain Charles Johnson (who appears to be a sailor out-of-time). Using fiction, the new ideas cannot possibly come across as factual and dry, but instead keep you guessing, teasing you back and forth on both sides of believing them. Through the POV of 12 year old Jim, you are taken on a journey to the thin line of choice to become a pirate yourself or not. And when you’re there, the decision is not as easy as you thought it would be when you were on page 1.

Then again, serious decisions are never as easy as they first seem, are they?

Cheers and good decisions to you,

Browsing Books Virtually… in the MWP Book Catalogue 2012

Oh to browse through bookstores… and industry books especially!

Well, the new MWP Books catalogue 2012 is out. You can peruse the PDF catalogue online to find out what’s new at: http://www.mwp.com/catalogs/MWP.com_Catalog_2012.pdf (2.2 MB). My book (being published last year) is now on page 37. Browse the pages and then let me know… what books peak your interest? What topics do you find lacking?

As a MWP author myself, it’s an honour to be part of such a professional team of industry workers & writers. I’ve read many MWP books over the years and have never been disappointed by a single book. So if your thinking of Christmas, thinking of your career, or thinking of just browsing… enjoy!

Plus you can join the many folk at MWP Books FB page (http://www.facebook.com/mwpfilmbooks) where the is much industry discussion, announcements, and I’ve seen free book giveaways now and then.

Might “see” you there!

Cheers & happy industry browsing to you,