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Film Production Management 101

Management and Coordination in a Digital Age
Second Edition

Published by MWP Books in 2010, this updated edition of Production Management 101 is now expanded to 535 pages - more essential information, more relevance in today's digital age. For more information on the new edition, see below... and follow the book on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DebPatzBooks.

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Film Production Management 101

The Ultimate Guide for Film and Television Production Management and Coordination
First Edition

Published by MWP Books in 2002, this edition was the first book to take and in-depth look at both the role of both Production Manager and Production Coordinator. It fast became an indispensible guide - a "Swiss Army Knife" - of production selling in at least 24 countries around the world.

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Surviving Production

The Art of Office Production Management for Film and Television

The first book ever written on office production management... the domain of the Production Coordinator. This book was published internationally in 1997 but has since been combined with production management issues and is now part of Film Production Management 101 since 2002.

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Film Production Management 101

Management and Coordination in a Digital Age
SECOND Edition

In effect, Film Production Management 101 is two books in one: a detailed insider's guide for production managers and another one for production coordinators. With an entertaining "nuts and bolts" approach, Deb Patz takes you on a journey from prep to post and even on to the audit with insider tips on budgets, cost reports, cash flows, interim financing, script revisions, location management, production insurance, completion bonds and much, much more! 36 in-depth chapters are complimented with more than 70 additional pages of essential forms (that are also downloadable from the web).

An entertaining read... an essential manual... and another fine book from Michael Wiese Books.


Here's what people are saying about Film Production Management 101:

"This book is the Swiss Army knife of production management!"
-- Rob Mills, President, Radical Sheep Productions
"An invaluable and comprehensive guide. Deborah Patz has drawn on her own experience and has written a thoroughly researched and helpful book."
-- Norman Jewison, Producer/Director
"If you are or aspire to be a Production Manager or Coordinator; having this book with you in the production office is like having an expert beside you all the way!  This book is an excellent Bible, an essential tool for your success!"
-- Deb LeFaive, Line Producer / Unit Production Manager
"Congratulations on putting together such a readable and comprehensive guide.  This is a must have for anyone who aspires to become a Production Manager."
-- Barbara Ann Schoemaker, Production Manager, Moonwater Motion Pictures
"This is one of the most insightful industry books I've ever seen."
-- Seaton McLean, Executive Producer
"Patz delivers an invaluable roadmap in Production Management 101. Concise and clear, this latest edition makes the leap from traditional production to moviemaking in the digital age. It would take years working in the industry to glean the information presented in this great, readable book. It’s a must-have for everyone from aspiring PMs and coordinators to seasoned Producers. Although directed toward dramatic production, it is an excellent resource for documentary filmmakers as well."
-- Glynis Whiting, Filmmaker (“Weight of the World”, “Gone Sideways”)
"Film Production Management 101 gives you the "how" and the "why" for production management drawn from Deb Patz’s deep and practical experience - it's more than a great guide, it's an indispensable tool."
-- David Hauka, Producer / Director / Production Manager
"A great guide and reference book, and logically organized. Patz tackles a vast subject professionally while also making it accessible and entertaining.  A must have for beginners, and a handy reference for the seasoned, it belongs with you in the production office."
-- Karen Powell, Producer
"This book is THE definitive "how-to" guide for the coordination and management of any film or Television production."
-- Peter D. Marshall, First Assistant Director
"A great guide and reference book for anyone wanting to become a production manager, or honing their skills as a production manager.  Lots of time saving tips  and real sense concepts."
-- Eileen Hoeter, Past Chair, Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI)
"...an invaluable tool that deserves a permanent home on the desktop of every single production office everywhere. It is overflowing with brilliant insights, advice, and step by step procedures. It truly is the definitive book of film production management. I end up recommending it to every young filmmaker who asks me for advice."
-- Deb Theaker, Actor/Writer
"I’ve always believed that every film that gets made is a minor miracle. Deb Patz’s invaluable book is a precious and comprehensive guide to help you navigate through so many of the traps and pitfalls that threaten the creation of your miracle."
-- Martin Harbury, Filmmaker, sailor and consultant
"An exhaustive overview of practical knowledge!!!"
-- Dan Ochiva, Editor, Millimeter Mag
"This book is like a good friend to anyone working in the film and television production sector."
-- Mireille Watson, President, Entertainment-Media Consulting
"I wish Deb Patz’s book was around when I started as a Producer/Director. I was glad her first edition was there when I was an instructor at the Vancouver Film School. My copy was dog-eared and filled with slips of paper noting dozens of key points that I had to share with my students! Film Production Management 101 was a core text for me."
-- Dan Moscrip, Producer/Director/Instructor
"A comprehensive, hands on, practical guide for both emerging and established filmmakers. An essential addition to both the production office and to post secondary film programs."
-- C. Leaney, Assistant Program Coordinator, Digital Film Production Program, Langara College / Former Producing Instructor, Vancouver Film School
"The most definitive production guide I have ever read."
-- Louis Melville, Produer
"This book covers everything you ever wanted to know about Production Management or Coordination - with all the secrets of the biz and the tricks of the trade."
-- Andra Sheffer, Executive Director, Independent Production Fund
"Deborah prepares you for any situation the PM and PC will encounter throughout the life of a project. From the initial interview to the wrap party, this book guides you on how to be prepared and how to act professionally in every circumstance."
-- Chris Robertson, www.hollywoodwritersblock.com
"A wonderful book which should be extremely helpful to novice low budget independent filmmakers and seasoned professionals alike."
-- Sharon McGowan, Producer

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Film Production Management 101


Introduction to the Second Edition

I. Project Development
Chapter 1 - Getting Hired
Chapter 2 - Before Official Prep
Chapter 3 - Budgeting & Breakdowns
Chapter 4 - Your Kit & Online Resources

II. Pre-Production
Chapter 5 - Setting Up The Production Office
Chapter 6 - Hiring Crew
Chapter 7 - Crew Departments
Chapter 8 - Work Space Organization
Chapter 9 - Telephone Etiquette
Chapter 10 - Setting Up A Filing System
Chapter 11 - Forms, Memos, Logs, Checklists
Chapter 12 - Countdown To Production

III. Production
Chapter 13 - The Shoot Day & Call Sheets
Chapter 14 - Daily Production Reports
Chapter 15 - Countdown Through Production

IV. More Management & Money Issues
Chapter 16 - Location Management
Chapter 17 - Production Insurance
Chapter 18 - Completion Bonds
Chapter 19 - Petty Cash Purchase Orders
Chapter 20 - Cash Flows
Chapter 21 - Interim Financing
Chapter 22 - Official & PM-Only Cost Reports

V. More Contracting Issues
Chapter 23 - Deal Memos & Long Forms
Chapter 24 - Cast Contracts & Immigration
Chapter 25 - Supplier Agreements
Chapter 26 - The Special Departments

VI. More Production & Coordination Issues
Chapter 27 - Script Format & Revisions
Chapter 28 - Production Scheduling
Chapter 29 - Credits
Chapter 30 - Documentation Distribution

VII. Ongoing Special Issues
Chapter 31 - Publicity & The Audience
Chapter 32 - Couriers & Customs
Chapter 33 - Script, Music & Other Legal Clearances

VIII. Postproduction
Chapter 34 - Wrap & Wrap Party
Chapter 35 - Postproduction
Chapter 36 - Audit

Closing Notes

Appendix - Glossary
Appendix - Sample Forms


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