kite1 + 1 = 3.

North of Superior is an IMAX movie from the beginning of IMAX. This magic moment was made in the editing room (as many magic movie moments are):

Outside on a breezy day. An abandoned lot serves as a park. Children have handmade kites from empty bread bags and sticks. So much laughter, so much joy, as they run around. You can’t help but smile, remember the carefree times of your own past. Resonating.


The front of a well-cared for church. Mostly adults, well-dressed. Gathering, greeting. Filing into the building. Smiles all around, though more reserved behaviour. So much more grown up.

No narrator needs to tell us the story between these two shots. One cut and we know it. They are no longer only two separate shots showing us a glimpse of life north of Lake Superior; they are so much more. They show us who we are… as we were and as we are now. How, too, we have “grown up”. What did we trade in our own path to growing up?

Don’t forget the bread-bag, kite-flying you inside you. He or she is still there.

Cheers & a good shoot to you,