Today I’m at Theatrebooks in Toronto with my latest book “Film Production Management 101“! Oh boy!
PM101 in TO
Since I’ve spoken at a number of places over the years, in honour of today’s event – and for those of you who are not in the Toronto area – I thought I’d gather together links  to some of the articles I’ve written over the years:

Budgets: Use a Template or Write From Scratch
(at MWP Virtual Film School)
I discuss 3 factors to help you sort out the dilemma.

7 Things Writers Need To Know About Production Budgets
(part of the Expert Series at the Writers Store)
Though written for specfically for writers, PMs… and the rest of the crew should know these elements too.

To Volunteer or Not To Volunteer – as a Production Manager
(at MWP Virtual Film School)
I talk about 5 times when volunteering is a good thing, and 2 times when it’s not.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting and re-meeting fans, friends and family at Theatrebooks today! If you’re in the neighbourhood, come on by! See you starting at 5:30pm…