Welcome to my updated website and its FILM & INK blog!

I’ve built my website and updated it now and then over the years – it’s hard to picture that the first one I wrote using ASCII text was more than 25 years ago now (where does the time go?). Yes, yes… there are parts of this new site that are still under construction, but that means it will just keep getting better every time you visit.

What’s new about F.I.L.M. & INK?

Well, from static site to blog to newsletter and presence on social media sites – there are so many fragmented channels to reach people. Most recently, I wrote a companion newsletter to my website and books, but found over time that it doesn’t really connect me well with readers and filmmakers like I thought it would, so I’m returning to my blogging roots.

My F.I.L.M. & INK blog is for a little F-un, I-nspiration, L-ife, & M-oviemaking stories and tips for filmmakers and writers. I hope you follow along, share and enjoy!

In the meantime, my Film Resource Links page is updated: https://www.debpatz.com/film-links/. They are are set of industry links as a companion to my Film Production Management book. Enjoy!

Cheers & a great shoot or writing session to you,