“What are you cheering about, Barmy?”
“I finished MILES ahead of you fellows!”
– Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps (Jeeves & Wooster: Kidnapped, 1990)

The band members at the Drones Club are practising… sort of together – they’re all playing different parts of the song, and the cacaphony is eardrum-splitting. Barmy, finishing ahead of the rest of them, leaps up with his cheer like he’s won something. ‘Tis an hysterical moment.

And in this moment we are reminded that racing ahead to the “finish line” is not always the “right” way. Music needs team work, team pacing, team expression to be “right”… to resonate with musician and listener. Transferring this thought to our lives – as we are apt to review our lives, its direction and speed as the new year rolls in – do we need to “finish first” or do we need some “life pacing” to truly resonate with the world around us? Interesting question to mull…

Cheers & a good 2012 to you,

P.S. On that note of life pacing, I’ll be posting at least bi-weekly from now on… unless events or your encouragement inspire me otherwise. All the best for the new year!