Having worked with the one of the first IMAX 3D cameras ever made, I have to say that prototype equipment has a unique way of transporting us into the past.

The IMAX 3D camera being the size of a small desk requires four strapping folk to lift it. The size of the crane allowing camera movement demands fly-away walls on the set, and therefore preventing you from much location shooting. And then there is the sound – most obviously so, because depsite all baffling attempts, the camera whirs loud enough that one would consider building a small sound-proof room around it so the Recordist would actually be able to capture location sound instead of guide track.

In some ways, one is transported back in time to the birth of sound movies, seeing film crews trying to solve similar challenges with prototype equipment then as now. With such a glimpse bringing the past into the present, you know that somehow you too taking part in movie history. Cool.