Black. I get it. White. I get it. Grey? Well…

Black is 100% black. White is 100% white. There is no question. Ah, if life’s choices and answers were but black and white!

Grey, for some reason is 18%  (I know this from the camera department).

But where did 18% come from? I mean, why isn’t it 100% grey? Or even 50% (half way between black and white)? Now, THAT I could understand. But then again, if it were, then grey would be a black-and-white kind of grey, wouldn’t it? And when it comes to grey, it’s… well… grey, isn’t it? And a whole bunch of new questions tend to come with “grey” answers, don’t they?

So, why not 18% after all?

Best wishes with whatever is “grey” for you today!

Cheers & a good shoot to you,