A second edition… what’s new about it, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

“Film Production Management 101: Management & Coordination for a Digital Age”

Since 2002 there have been a lot of changes in the tools we use to produce film and television. It’s definitely time for an update to the book! Digital is the first choice for filmmaking format with film stock coming now in second. That alone is a 180 degree turnaround. This new edition only starts with that 180 degree turnaround in coming up-to-date! Inside you’ll also find a whole new chapter on publicity in this digital age, and lots of new information on money-saving tools like previs, and ISAN and much more.

The new edition is over 500 pages now… so, I guess in short: it’s bigger, it’s better; and it’s written for today’s production world!

As for what’s the same? It’s still a terrific on-the-job resource for both Production Managers and Coordinators. Not only that… when you look at Amazon, it’s all for the same price! Whattadeal.

So, read it and make up your own mind, and then share your thoughts with others on Amazon.

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“Film Production Management 101:
Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

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