1-way-pathWouldn’t it be nice to have the path (read “career path”) laid out in front of you, and a sign such as this one, in the photo, assuring you that you are going the right way!

I think freelance life rarely sees this clarity. Freelance life is choosing the non-path – in this case striking a new path – your own path – in the woods. Yes, it’s hard and scary and lonely to leave the groomed trail – the one that others have prepared before you. With freelance life, you are cutting your own trail. You can visit the groomed path now and then, but you do not have to stay there. Making your own way you will find yourself blessed with living close to your career dreams. And that is as lovely a place to be as it is scary.

Hmmm, I wonder… if you had such a path and sign as this, would you actually choose to follow it?

Best wishes for the new year to you, whatever path you choose!