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Film Production Management 101 – Free Interactive Production Forms

As part of the update to my book, I’ve made the free, downloadable production forms into interactive documents. You can find them over at MWP Books (along with a lot of other great, downloadable resources):




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“Film Production Management 101:
Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

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How is a Wrap Party Like a Wedding?

Film Production Management 101” has a checklist for a wrap party so you can remember all the elements necessary to plan an excellent, memorable wrap party. I’ve always thought planning a wrap party was much like planning a wedding reception, but done much faster. Let’s have a look:

Invitation list & invitations Invitation list & invitations
Party Room Church & Reception Venue
Decor (of Room) Decor (of Room, Church & Bridal Party)
Music Music
Other Entertainment (Wrap Reel, etc.) Wedding Photographer
Catering and Bar Catering and Bar
License (for Bar) Marriage License
Notifications (Police, Fire, Health…) Newspaper Notifications (if desired)


Soooo… it looks as though if you’re thinking of getting married, your experience planning wrap parties – or at least my Wrap Party Checklist – will do you well! I know I’ll be using it. 😉

To download the forms that accompany “Film Production Management 101” – including the Wrap Party Checklist – swing by the MWP Books site at: http://www.mwp.com/virtual-film-school/resources

Cheers & happy wedding… uh, wrap party… planning to you,

“Film Production Management 101:

Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

UPCOMING EVENTS (more details at www.debpatz.com):
* Getting Your Ducks In A Row – Free Book Virtual Event – in August at FB/DebPatzBooks
* Booksigning/Canadian Launch at Indigo Marine Drive, N.Vancouver – Sat.Sep.11
* WIFV Networking Breakfast with Deb Patz in Vancouver – Tue.Sep.21

* Booksigning/USA Launch at the Writers Store in Burbank – Sat.Oct.23

What PM & PC Resource Links Would You Like?

A new edition of “Film Production Management 101” is in the making for publication next year. To go with the book, I’ve hosted PM & PC Resource Links on the web with these categories:

Weather/Time/Maps | Budgeting & Pre-Production | Research | Film Commissions | Organizations | News | Computer | Travel | Office | Legal | Courier | Insurance | Post Production | Coffee Break

Time for your say… have  a look: www.debpatz.com/pmlinks.htm 

What resources do you like, want more of, or less of? Let me know!

Now… back to the keyboard on that book revision for me!


Link to Free Templates

Gosh you gotta love free document templates!

First of all, I have to say that I’m in the process of writing an updated edition of my book “Film Production Management 101“, and therefore also updating the free downloadable forms (http://shop.mwp.com/pages/film-making-resources), making them available in a more interactive format. The new edition – and links – won’t be on the market until sometime in 2010, so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I found this great site with template documents like call sheets, release forms, location agreement, DPR, and so on. So surf by and enjoy: http://www.vancouverfilmproduction.com/contracts.html

Remember, of course, that template contracts, releases and agreements do not replace the need for a lawyer, but they can help you to draft an excellent first draft for your lawyer’s final pass – thereby minimizing legal fees.


Downloadable Forms at MWP

MWP Productions (my publisher) has somewhat recently revamped the MWP website. It looks great! There are articles, musings, and other good stuff worth perusing – even a Virtual Film School. I recommend you sign up for Michael’s newsletter – good info, and no flood of email. The new catalogue is up and posted too, so you can be tempted by even more excellent books.

Of course, the new website also means the link to the downloadable forms for Surviving Production and Film Production Management 101 has changed. You could surf around and find it yourself, but let me gift you some time, here it is: http://shop.mwp.com/pages/film-making-resources


Writing Budgets from Template vs from Scratch

You’ll collect budgets you’ve written over time to use as a starting point for writing new budgets – but what happens when you’re starting out and don’t have a drawer full of old budgets? Spend the time and slog it through, or grab someone else’s template? The answer is not clearly black and white. I wrote an article for the MWP Virtual Film School looking at the factors to help you make the decision that’s right for you. Surf by and look it over:


Not to push you one way or the other, but to keep you informed… on the MWP resource page, Deke Simon provides you with some great sample budgets: