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Coming this summer… Film Production Management 101 – 2nd Edition

I’m working on the copy edit of the new edition now and have now seen the artwork for the new cover… oh boy! It’s getting exciting as launch day approaches. The book will be available this summer and I will keep you updated.

…and no doubt I’ll have some type of virtual celebration on Facebook for the new edition, so join up at: www.facebook.com/DebPatzBooks!

As for the other balls I’ve been juggling, I’ve also just updated my debpatz.com website and its film & TV links resource links pages for PM’s and PC’s. Come by, use them!

for Production Managers & Production Coordinators

Weather – Time – Maps | Budgeting & Pre-Production | Research | Film Commissions | Organizations | News | Computer | Travel | Office | Courier | Legal | Insurance | Post Production | Coffee Break

You’ll find pages for the USA and the UK… and now for Canada too! Do let me know if you find them useful, and what other links you may wish.

Well… back to copyediting for me!


The Most Famous Star I’ve Worked With

When you work in the film industry, you inevitably hear the question: “So, who have your worked with?” This question, of course, really means: “Which Stars have you worked with that I know really well, and totally admire?”

Yes, I have worked with many Stars over the years. Some have been more famous than others. Some became famous after I had worked with them. And many of those who I admire may – or may not be – the same people the questionner is quietly pondering… but I can say that I have had the pleasure of working with the most famous Star of them all: Santa Claus.

So famous, so admired, Santa had to have a dressing room on a separate floor of the building to keep him at a distance from the child (a.k.a. fan) with whom he was sharing scenes. He was – and is – a total professional. Very aimable guy. I found him to be everything we’ve all expected him to be over the years! What an honour!

So… who have you worked with? 🙂

Happy festive season to you!


P.S. For a little work-life balance this holiday season, I will not be posting a blog entry next week (December 25). Enjoy the festive season and see you for New Years!


Hello and welcome!

I’ve just celebrated my 12-year anniversary in print with my book Film Production Management 101. Wow! Having worked on Maniac Mansion which started with Episode #1 “10th Anniversary Special” – the cast reminiscing their 10 (fictitious) years on the air – I figure starting a blog on my 12th anniversary pretty much fits in somehow.

I plan to chat here about production-related issues for the international film and TV industry… gosh, that sounds soooo serious! I DO plan to include a healthy does of smiles too. Ya gotta keep the balance in life!

So… cheers & enjoy,