He was in the process of finishing his latest film when he attended the film party. The press was there, but he knew they would be. The party was high-profile, the attendees a who’s who of the industry, all dressed to stand-out from each other – a mosaic of artsy, funky, formal and just plain black clothes.

But he was surprisingly casual for such a party: jeans, sweatshirt, jean jacket and a baseball cap. Instead of not fitting in, he appeared down-to-earth, approachable… and he stood out from the crowd. How radical. How counter-promotion.

Or was it?

When the press camera was trained on him, it became clear: his company’s logo was on the sweatshirt; his latest film’s logo was on the baseball cap; and the logo of the biggest financier of his latest movie was on the jean jacket. So, in one interview frame – no matter what he said, no matter if he were the focus of the interview – he’d be advertising three logos at the same time.

Now that is carefully casual. Very clever.

Cheers & a good shoot to you,