1. Trust in crew & equipment
You may not understand it all, especially when technology keeps changing, but hire the best crew, let them use the best equipment you can, and trust in them to do their job.

2. See how small the world is
Above the clouds the world below looks in miniature; it can give you perspective on life. Yes, sometimes the film industy appears huge, but as years move along you run in to the same folk over and over again and you realize how small this industry is.

3. If you want to fly… start with small planes first
Can you imagine a first time pilot’s first day flying a plane being at the helm of a jumbo jet? They start by flying small planes first. Gosh, the love to fly, so why not experience flight from more than jumbo jet perspective? So too with the film industry, start and learn on small films as you progress to bigger budgets, and more adventurous script challenges. Enjoy the journey!

Happy travels & magical shoots to you!